What Is DataMinerXL?

DataMinerXL is a Microsoft Excel add-in which provides a collection of functions for building predictive models. You can call on these functions directly from a spreadsheet and they return the modeling results directly back to it. Both researchers and practitioners in a wide variety of statistics and data mining fields will find this software valuable.

With this software, you can do the following:

  • Perform basic statistical analysis
  • Analyze importance of variables using weight of evidence (WOE) transformation
  • Perform principal component analysis and factor analysis
  • Build linear regression models
  • Build partial least square regression models
  • Build logistic regression models
  • Perform time-series analysis
  • Estimate the parameters of GARCH model
  • Perform Holt-Winters exponential smoothing
  • Perform the Hodrick-Prescott filter for a time-series
  • Perform linear discriminant analysis and quadratic discriminant analysis
  • Estimate the parameters of a stochastic process: normal (Guassian) process, lognormal process, and shifted lognormal process
  • Build naive Bayes classifier models
  • Build decision tree-based models
  • Perform correspondence analysis
  • Perform clustering and segmentation analysis
  • Build neural network models
  • Build support vector machine (SVM) models
  • Score a population given a model
  • Evaluate model performance given a model
  • Save scoring code given a model
  • Solve linear programming, quadratic programming, and linear complementarity programming problems
  • Solve nonlinear least squares problems using the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
  • Solve minimization problems using differential evolution solver
  • Solve a transportation problem, assignment problem, minimum cost network flow problem, maximum network flow problem, and shortest path problem
  • Perform a variety of matrix operations
  • Perform fast Fourier transform and inverse fast Fourier transform
  • Perform numerical integration by Gaussian quadrature
  • Save spreadsheet tables into files and load data into spreadsheets from files
  • Sort data files
  • Save a table in a spreadsheet into a file with TEX format

For a complete list of the functions in DataMinerXL software, go to the Features page. The detailed descriptions of all functions, such as function arguments and return values, can be found in the manual of DataMinerXL on the Downloads page. You can find some examples of spreadsheets on the Downloads page.

We invite you to browse through all the functions and download a free trial version of the software. Downloading and installing this software is easy. In a few minutes, you can start using these functions in your spreadsheets. We hope you find them useful!