Download DataMinerXL Software

DataMinerXL software includes two files: DataMinerXL.xll and DataMinerXL_Utility.xla. We have prepared a collection of sample spreadsheets to demonstrate the use of each function in DataMinerXL software. After you download and install the software, you can immediately see how these functions work in spreadsheets.

We hope you enjoy using this software!

Download Software contains two files: DataMinerXL.xll and DataMinerXL_Utility.xla. Download/unzip the Zip file and save these two files to a folder, for example "C:\Program Files\DataMinerXL".

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Download Manual

This is the manual of DataMinerXL.

  • It explains how to install add-ins.
  • It introduces some tips of using Microsoft Excel.
  • It shows the arguments and return values for each function in DataMinerXL software.

Download DataMinerXL_Manual.pdf now

Download Spreadsheets

Here is a collection of sample spreadsheets showing how to use each function in DataMinerXL software. The spreadsheets are organized in terms of the following categories.

Download all sample spreadsheets now

File Name Description
basic_stats.xlsx Spreadsheet for basic statistics
weight_of_evidence.xlsx Spreadsheet for weight of evidence transformation
pca_factor_analysis.xlsx Spreadsheet for principal component analysis and factor analysis
linear_reg.xlsx Spreadsheet for linear regression
pls_reg.xlsx Spreadsheet for partial least square regression
logistic_reg.xlsx Spreadsheet for logistic regression
time_series_analysis.xlsx Spreadsheet for time-series analysis
lda_qda.xlsx Spreadsheet for linear and quadratic discriminant analysis
survival_analysis.xlsx Spreadsheet for survival analysis
correspondence_analysis.xlsx Spreadsheet for correspondence analysis
naive_bayes.xlsx Spreadsheet for naive-Bayes classification
decision_tree_based_model.xlsx Spreadsheet for decision tree-based model
clustering_segmentation.xlsx Spreadsheet for clustering and segmentation
neural_network_model.xlsx Spreadsheet for neural network model
support_vector_machine.xlsx Spreadsheet for support vector machine (SVM) model
optimization.xlsx Spreadsheet for optimization
portfolio_optimization.xlsx Spreadsheet for portfolio optimization
control_theory.xlsx Spreadsheet for control theory
matrix_operations.xlsx Spreadsheet for matrix operations
fast_Fourier_transform.xlsx Spreadsheet for fast Fourier transform
numerical_integration.xlsx Spreadsheet for numerical integration by Gaussian quadrature
probability_distribution.xlsx Spreadsheet for probability distributions
data_manipulation_functions.xlsxSpreadsheet for data manipulation functions